Digital drawing of a tired-looking white woman with short purple hair and rectangular glasses. The background is the bi flag.

Cryptix Commissions

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I WILL draw: furries, humans/humanoids, monsters/creatures, fanart, shipping, pinups/cheesecake, mild nsfw or kink (18+ commissioners only)
I WILL NOT draw: mechs, typography, complex backgrounds, excessive gore or violence, bigoted or hateful material, anything suggestive involving underage or underage-looking characters. I reserve the right to decline a commission request for any or no reason.
See 'more examples' at the bottom of the page for the different styles available
Pencil and Lineart commissions may include simple shading, single-colored lines, or a small highlight color for no extra charge. Complex or high-contrast shading will cost extra.
Commissions include a simple background: a shadow, a flat color, a shape, and/or a gradient. Pencil commissions may include a simple scene. Anything more involved may cost extra.
Animals, character interactions, props, complex markings/tattoos/outfits, etc may cost extra.
Specific visual references are preferred, but I will work off of a DETAILED physical description for a small fee.
Terms of Service:

Payments in USD via Paypal, paid up front.
Finished commissions will have a small signature/watermark in an unobtrusive location. Please leave this intact.
You may repost your commissioned art anywhere you like as long as you credit me as the artist. You may alter your own commission (except for removing the signature/watermark) as long as you still credit me AND acknowledge your alteration. You may make merch of your commission as long as it is for personal use only.
All commissioned works are for noncommercial and non-promotional use only, unless agreed otherwise.
I may post commissions on social media or use them in my portfolio, unless you specifically ask me not to.

A rough sketch will be sent for approval. Any edits, including completely redrawing the piece, are welcome at this stage. Work will not continue until the sketch is approved.
Once the sketch has been approved, large edits will incur an additional fee, unless they are due to my own error or misinterpretation.
Turnaround varies anywhere from a week to two months, as I do have a full-time job. If you have a specific deadline let me know and I will try to accommodate it or tell you if I can't. Deadlines of a week or less will incur a rush fee.
Final piece will be sent as a high-quality jpg, but multiple file types may be requested for no additional charge.
You are welcome to ask for updates at any time!

If I cancel the commission at any point, for any or no reason, you will receive a full refund.
If you cancel the commission before work has started or before the sketch has been sent, you will receive a full refund.
If the commission sketch has been sent, approved or not, you will receive 70% back.
If it has been lined or colored, I cannot offer a refund unless I have failed to meet my end of our agreement.
Any questions? Just ask!

Contact Me:
Email [email protected]
DM me on twitter @cryptix23

More Examples
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Sketchy Colors

Simple Colors (minimal shading or effects)

Painted Colors (complex shading or effects)

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